Aasraa Trust is a locally-run organisation in Dehra Dun working for the betterment of some of India's poorest.  They provide education, nutrition, healthcare and even shelter for some of the most marginalised, abused and neglected children in Dehra Dun.  The poverty really has to be seen to be believed!  Their dedication is second to none, and I am honoured to meet with their founders and staff and document their work whenever I am in India.  All these images were taken in the slums where Aasraa operates.  Furthermore, on my most recent trip to India we - myself and the photographers who travelled with me - donated reading books and coloured pencils.  The youngest children were given one, yes just one, coloured pencil for which they were very excited and thankful.  Just one pencil ensures each child treasures it and also shares with others when they want to colour.  All children everywhere deserve a fair start in life and Aasraa Trust is doing so much with so little to assist in the daily lives of these children from the slums of Dehra Dun.