Even as a teenager with a 35mm film Pentax MG and no tripod I started loving long exposures.  It gave you the ability to determine more than just clicking a shutter by pressing a button.  You also had to think more strategically, to imagine more so, determine settings better.  You had to do math and analyse and visualise.  It seemed too easy to just compose and press a button.  Surely there was more to photography than that.  Don't get me wrong, I love documentary imagery I have shot a number of series.  But on a day-to-day basis I wanted to be able to do more than that, so I picked up using ND filters pretty quickly.

The soothing feeling of the milky-water and dragged-clouds always appealed to me.  But so did other styles of long exposure, such as making a waterfall silky smooth and blurring the motion that is life.  One of my favourite long exposures is an image from a busy market street in India looking at the throng from above.  The image really conveys the feeling I had when I was there.  A long exposure can do that, it's as though the capture isn't separated from you after being shot. Instead it's an image that comes loaded with feelings and interpretation from the photographer at that very moment in time and light. I like to think of it as a symphony where vision and technical skill align.  I'm always learning and refining my skillset and one of the most enjoyable ways I do that is with a small set of neutral density filters.  There are a number of good to ok brands on the market, but none are better than Nisi.  Look, I've had Lee for years, and they're great, for the most part they're fantastic - I love them!  But if you've had Lee for a while you're probably ready for a change, a chance to take your imagery even farther.  To give it a better starting point to begin with.  The most important difference between the two brands, in my eyes, is Nisi have no colour cast.  Yep, you read that right, no colour cast!  And to follow that up, the best next point is they don't vignette!  I used to hate using the Lee 10 Stop.  So often at wide focal lengths it vignetted terribly.  The Lee filters are good, but they really aren't comparable to the quality of Nisi.

I am a certified reseller of Nisi products here in Auckland, and New Zealand-wide.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Nisi filters are available for purchase through my website and are available for a demo at my applicable workshops.