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Fashion & Punk Modelling

Shoot 2 beautiful, aspiring, young models.  It's not often I can secure the time of such models.  This is a great opportunity for a fraction of the cost that other workshops charge for something similar.  Maximum 8 attendees.

The models will portray two themes:

1. Young, hip and fashionable.

2. Punk, edgy, aka Grease.

A great chance to hone your portraiture skills.  

Best lens 50mm or anything higher.  Wide lenses don't work well in portraiture as they distort too much.  A 35mm lens will work fine on a crop sensor camera.  Any zoom kit lens will be fine.  If you have a flash, bring it (not necessary, but a good chance to use it and get familiar with it).  No tripod or filters needed.

modelling workshop