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Long Exposure Sunset on the North Shore - Sold Out!

Sunset locations abound in peninsula Auckland, but finding a truly great new spot is difficult.  Luckily I did that just this past week and I am eager to share the location with those who are keen to shoot it. 


There are at least three vantage points, but we'll probably just focus on the two at sea level, as the third is somewhat precarious.  At least you'll know where it is for next time :)  We want to be thinking about our compositions when shooting this location - rule of thirds, leading lines, diagonals, etc.

As usual you will most definitely need a tripod for this workshop.  A wide lens will suit best, along with the power of a Neutral Density filter.  A graduated filter will be great here too as our horizon is flat.  I have co-ordinated the shoot to match low tide, this means your shoes will get muddy and possibly wet as Auckland's foreshore is made up of many mangrove swamps, but it also gives us a lot of room for creative compositions.

I will be releasing the exact location to those who signup just a couple of days before the workshop.  However, it is on the North Shore and isn't far from Birkenhead.  No, it's not the Chelsea Sugar factory, haha, had a few people guess that one. 

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