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It's a Gansta's Life - Portraiture - Sold Out!

Shoot a young, handsome, ripped underwear model who is breaking into the world of body-building.  Securing the time of models isn't easy, so don't miss this great opportunity for a fraction of the cost that other workshops charge for something similar.


The theme of the shoot is a Gangsta's Life - which basically means our model Lee will be dressing and posing aka gangsta.  We'll shoot this session in a gritty location, with lots of graffiti and the industrial look of a parking garage.  No need to worry about the weather due to the indoor/outdoor location of the shoot so we can take full advantage of what is thrown our way on the day.  Lee will be posing for us for an hour, he will change up his outfit/look two or three times during our shoot.

Please arrive by at least 2.15 to get your gear ready.

Gear: a good mid-range lens is best for portraiture.  If you have an off camera flash you are welcome to bring it.  As usual I will be bringing my large softbox and stand and if you're a Canon shooter I can lend you my trigger for a round of shots or two.  A tripod isn't necessary, nor are any filters.


Parking is available anywhere in the Karangahape Road vicinity as well as in the Wilson Carpark where we'll be shooting.