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For Astro Fans - FULL!

  • 1189 Awhitu Road Pollok, Auckland, 2684 New Zealand (map)

Oh no... the astro season is coming to a close shortly, so this will be our last small-group hands-on workshop for 2018! So please join me and one of New Zealand's best astrophotographers, Steve Clifton Photography, for a nice, early evening out under the stars.  And with a little bit of God's divine intervention we should walk away - just shoot and walk away lol - with some stunning foreground shots of this quaint little church with the Milky Way above it.


With a start time of 9.30pm astro doesn't get much more user-friendly :)  We'll start the evening with a chat about settings and star apps, and we'll also spend some time discussing how to shoot a panorama.  I will be shooting panoramas for much of the night, using a pano head, and we can have a chat about the importance of finding the no parallex point of your lens - so please join me for some pano work if that's where your photography is heading next.  Steve and I will circulate as always and offer any tips if you require assistance.


As usual Friday night will be our main shoot night with Saturday night as the back up.  Please ensure, before you sign up and pay, that you are available for both nights.  We're sorry, but there won't be any refunds if you can't make it.  Unfortunately, these are the constraints Auckland's fickle weather puts on us.  Come and join us for a fun evening in a safe and supportive environment.  Don't worry if you're a beginner, you're not the only one - we love supporting anyone with a passion for photography.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Gear: a wide to medium focal length lens.  Anything from 10mm to 24mm works really well.  And 24mm is preferential if you're shooting panoramas as it helps to compress the distance between the foreground subject and the Milky Way.  A tripod is a must.  You can't photograph long exposures without a tripod.  A shutter release is also handy to have.  Remember to bring plenty of charged batteries.



*Disclaimer - Susan Blick Photography and Steve Clifton Photography (your hosts) are not responsible for any damage to your gear or injury to yourself that may by chance happen when you are on the workshop.  We will be shooting on flat to undulating ground, suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, and we encourage you to drive safely to the location and always be aware of your gear while out shooting.  A safe shoot is a happy shoot :)


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